Ideas Helping People

Grant’s commitment to serving citizens by advancing progress has led to new web services, shorter lines, faster service, new passport service, streamlined jury duty, property fraud alerts, easier ways to pay, more service at all courthouses and branches, plus much, much more. Go online to see how easy it is to access the services you need.

Protecting the Public trust

Clerks provide a critical role in protecting our tax dollars, our privacy, and our most vulnerable citizens. New and improved financial reporting has brought more transparency to how our tax dollars are spent. Advanced technology and training assures the proper protection of private information in court documents from being released to the public. Grant's new Guardianship Protection team audits guardianship cases to help protect seniors, children, and the disabled in those cases from fraud.

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A Clerk Who Cares

  • Created a new self help service center to help people navigate the complex legal system
  • Built a confidential, secure, and family-friendly office space for victims of domestic abuse to safely file injunctions and get help from our partner: Safehouse Domestic Violence Shelter
  • Created Guardianship Audit Program to help protect our most vulnerable citizens,
  • Launched “Operation Greenlight” for help restoring their drivers license
  • Created a voluntary jury duty compensation program which has raised thousands of dollars for Safehouse of Seminole Domestic Violence and Center for abused Children
  • Started summer internship opportunities for high school and college students to learn about our legal and financial systems

    Serving you better.

    • Shorter lines - faster service
    • Created Only walk-in passport service office in Seminole County
    • New jury duty system eliminate long check in line
    • New Online marriage license and value adjustment board appeal web portal
    • Fast, secure website with viewable records immediately available 
    • Easy online and and counter payment systems
    • Remodeled counters and branches to serve citizens faster
    • More services available at courthouses, branches and records center

    Award Winning Clerk’s Office

    • Multiple professional awards
    • Grant received the Seminole County Bar Association “Distinguished Service” Award
    • Earned Multiple  Awards from GOFA  for Excellence in financial reporting


      • Upgraded the clerk county auditor office to an Inspector General level
      • Hired professional third party Inspector Generals to audit county government spending and prevent unlawful use of taxpayer dollars.
      • Improved fraud and professional training for comptroller clerks to better catch and prevent waste of our tax dollars
      • New and improved financial reporting to bring more transparency to how our money is spent

      There is still more for us to do...

      • “One stop shopping” at the courthouse on 17-92 - all clerk services should be available in one place for convenience
      • Protect and allow digital access to our county historical records
      • More improvements to efficiencies and conveniences
      • Paperless real time court document system
      • Property fraud alert system
      • Government in the sunshine taxpayer search engine - you have a right to know how every penny is spent in Seminole County

      - A Note From Grant -

      When I ran for office 4 years ago, my message was clear: Our Clerk of Courts & Comptroller office serves the citizens of Seminole County by not just keeping records, but protecting our taxpayer dollars. I am proud to say that our office is a state-wide leader in innovation and we have made countless improvements that benefits ALL citizens of our county and surrounding areas. You can learn more about my record of accomplishments below.

      However, there is a lot left to do.
      I'm going to need your help in order to win re-election in November. Our campaign is grassroots driven and every contribution, whether financial or with your time, is what will lead us to victory.

      My cell phone number I distributed 4 years ago still hasn't changed, and I'd love to earn your support and vote.

      Grant Maloy
      [email protected]
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